A most disgraceful disregard for life

Many people have an attachment to animals and yet they eat meat or use products derived from or tested on animals. Right or wrong, they may justify this by saying that eating other animals is natural, or that testing on animals to save a human life is unfortunate, but acceptable. But there is little excuse for the millions of animals, both wild and domestic, who die on roads by passing cars. An old Greenpeace estimate suggested that 400,000,000 animals die on U.S. roads a year, which would make it the #2 cause of death by human cause -- the #1 cause of death to wild animals. This page exists to help understand why so many people are unaware of the problem, uninterested, or apathetic towards solving it.

The first "roadblock" towards appreciating what roadkill means it the word itself. It implies that somehow the road kills the animals. In the vast majority of cases, it is a car that kills the animal. So let's start again, and go to...

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