Do We "Need" Cars?

Even some environmentalists laugh off the idea of a U.S. with fewer cars.

But we are facing a planet-threatening situation by continuing to use cars in the next century.

If the questions below concern you, please consider whether everybody truly "needs" a car.

Do you oppose offshore oil drilling?

Car use is the primary cause of political pressure to drill offshore. As oil supplies dwindle, that pressure will overwhelm protection efforts. And environmental destruction from onshore oil drilling is bad too!

Are you worried about the Greenhouse effect?

Cars are the largest source of Greenhouse gases in the U.S. &emdash producing about 500 billion lbs. a year.

Do you oppose cruelty to animals?

Annually, there are about 400,000,000 U.S. roadkills &emdash about 1 per person. Far more than from animal experimentation. Immeasurable animal losses occur from animal habitat/corridor loss from roads.

Do you want to use sustainable sources of energy?

Food is a natural renewable source of energy that powers the versatile human machine.

Do you believe our communities have too much pavement?

Twelve bikes can ride in the space a car requires! Over 1/3 of a typical U.S. city is paved for car use.

Are you concerned about health and protecting human life?

Over 40,000 people die yearly on U.S. roads making cars the #1 U.S. cause of death for ages 1-35.

Do you avoid products that create toxic waste?

Cars production and disposal is a major source of ozone depleting chemicals, toxic gases, waste rubber and plastic, and toxic chemicals (from airbags, air conditioners, radiators, tires, brake systems, etc.)

Do you oppose government subsidies?

Gas taxes/car fees do not pay the full cost of cars. About $300 billion dollars ($1000/person) of general taxes are used to subsidize cars for road building, maintenance, emergency services, policing, etc.

Isn't being vegetarian and recycling enough to save the planet?

Auto-related environmental damage, by itself, threatens planetary survival.

Can everyone ride a bicycle?

No. But most people can! The apparent need to drive a car is the result of years of

planning for automobiles and a loss of access to alternatives.

How can people still drive knowing the destruction cars cause and will cause?

They feel helpless to stop. Cars are touted to give us independence, yet most car owners

think they need/depend on their cars &emdash regardless of the cost to society. That's absurd!


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