Some things to ponder about cars and bikes

Cars are the #1 killer of people between 1 and 34.

They kill 40,000 each year on U.S. roads &emdash more than guns & more than secondary smoke.

Car use leads to off and on-shore oil drilling.

Burning oil is the primary source of greenhouse gas.

Car drivers kill about 400,000,000 animals a year.

Drivers can't exercise going to work, are exposed to the worst air pollution, and have high stress levels.

1/2 the land in an average city is paved&emdash2/3 in L.A. 12 bikes can park in 1 car space for 1/10 the cost.

A car uses 5,000 gallons of gas (as oil) just to be built. Bicyclists use 1/50th the energy of a car.

U.S. drivers work 13/4 hours/day to support their car.

Sales, property & income tax provide 70% of local road funding. Bicyclists use minimal space and don't damage roads, thus they are subsidizing drivers.

Electric vehicles don't address the above problems.

If cars are necessary, we didn't exist 100 years ago!


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