10 Steps to Recovery from Motor Vehicle Addiction

1) Before getting into the car, ask yourself: "Do I really need to drive?"

2) Accurately figure the cost to own & operate a car and the time it takes to earn that.

3) Compare it to the time it takes to ride a bike. Consider the pleasure & exercise of biking.

4) Think how much closer you'd live to friends and family if you all didn't depend on cars.

5) Count how many car ads you see in a day.

6) Take a bicycle ride and count roadkills.

7) Envision your environment before cars. What will it be like for your children's children?

8) Get a bicycle if you don't have one. Ride it.

9) If you need to carry people, groceries, or lots of other stuff, get a bike trailer.

10) Revel in your new auto independence!


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