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Santa Cruz County Advocate for Human Powered Transportation

We promote the use of bicycles, utility tricycles, pedicabs, bike-trailers, feet and other non-motorized vehicles. We are committed to helping government, citizens and business overcome their dependence on the automobile. Our goal is not to force people out of automobiles but rather to demonstrate that a better alternative exists and to improve conditions for bicycling in the county. As bicycle activist Ellen Fletcher said, "Make it easier to ride a bike than drive a car, and people will take it from there."

People Power has inspired many to choose the bicycle as their primary means of transportation. But if we are to achieve our larger goals we need to speak for all bicyclists. If you ride, or wish you could, please join with us. First, subscribe to the newsletter so we have a line of communication. If you have the time, volunteer to work on a project. If you have an idea, lead a project. If you're dedicated and patient, attend our meetings. And be sure to tell other people about People Power.

People Power Office Address 224 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (831) 425-0665

People Power Mailing Address 226 Jeter St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060  (831) 425-8851

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